Carpets by Prime World

Before we share the specific Carpets that are on Special, we would like to first remind you of the benefits that come with adding carpet into your home or office.

  1. Carpets add Beauty and Style

Have you ever been stunned by how bold carpet patterns and colors have a major impact as soon as you walk into a room. You might forget the furnishings, but carpets have a mesmerizing effect and cannot be forgotten so easily. You can personalize your living areas and offices with patterned carpets. We highly recommend Diplomat, Paxton and Odessa if you want to achieve a patterned designed that never gets boring. 

  1. Carpets provide Warmth and Comfort 

Most modern flooring is shiny and glamorous however it is usually stone cold and during winter or he rainy season, it tends to take the residing temperature. The beauty of carpets is that you can choose to have a center rug for specific areas you prefer, for example the center of the living room, sides of the bed or anywhere you would like to sit, play or work. We have a wide range of carpets, the thicker the width, the extra comfort you will enjoy. We recommend the Diplomat and Michigan carpets for the extra buffer. 

  1. Carpets reduce Noise 

Say goodbye to noisy footsteps, furniture scratching the floor, Big Screen TVs, or any sound that has a habit of disturbing your peace. Adding a underlay beneath your carpet is an added advantage. Enjoy your peace and gain comfort.

  1. Carpets soften slips and falls 

Accidents are inevitable but reducing the impact is easier than you think, that is if you have invested in anyone of the Prime World Carpets. Because Carpets provide safety protection for your family and pets, it is worth investing in them. Carpet cushions our Footsteps, reduce likelihood of slips and falls and minimize injuries. 

About Our much awaited Carpet Sale 

We have a Carpet Special running which gives you the opportunity to buy carpets from as little as $9.90. Our carpets range from Deep tones like Prestige red, Black and neutral tones in brown. The Carpets on Special are applicable for residential and commercial use. This is a clearance sale, so hurry to All Prime World branches to avoid disappointments. 

We supply Center rugs, wall to wall carpets, underfelt, door mats, thick pile carpets, red carpets for residential and commercial use. 

All carpets available at Prime World Msasa, Prime World Avondale, Prime World Bulawayo and Prime World Victoria Falls.