Retail Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set out below are hereby agreed upon by the customer, once payment for the invoice has been made or in the case
of account holders, once the goods have been collected.

  1. Payment
    1. In addition to the price of the products, the customer agrees to pay to Prime World VAT thereon.
    2. Prime World reserves the right to change or amend prices wherein Quotations are valid for 48hours only.
    3. Payment must be made to Prime World in the currency stated on the invoice.
    4. Account customers whose payment is not received by Prime World when due, may at Prime World’s sole discretion, have interest charged on such outstanding sum at the lower of eighteen percent (18%) per annum or the maximum rate allowed by the commercial bank of Prime World from the date on which such payment was due to the date of payment in full. Prime World reserves the right to limit or cancel the credit facility of the customer, and Prime World may require or demand advance payment for the products.
    5. A deposit of 50% shall be required for any special orders placed. This is a non-refundable deposit.
    6. Prices quoted on special orders are estimated and may vary due to different duty tariffs, transport rates and/or any unforeseen costs. Should these change, they shall be for the customer’s account.
    7. Lead times on Special Orders are dependent on the banking processes and regulations.
    8. Should Prime World have to institute any proceedings to recover any balance due to it against any invoice, the customer shall be liable for interest as above together with all legal costs occasioned by Prime World on an attorney and client scale.
  2. Collections
    1. It is the customer’s responsibility to check that all products purchased are free from defects before leaving the store.
    2. Due to the nature of the products sold, no breakage claims will be entertained once the products leave the store save for as detailed herein.
  3. Returns and Refunds
    1. Returns may be considered if the following is provided:
      1. Products are returned within 3 days from purchase,
      2. The original invoice is produced,
      3. The product packaging is not damaged,
      4. The products have not been used or damaged.
    2. Products are not refundable but can be exchanged for other products to the equivalent value.
    3. Any refunds made, is at the discretion of management and can take up to 14 days to be paid and these shall be done via transfer.
  4. Warranty (original invoice to be produced)
    1. Light Bulbs
      1. All CFL and Incandescent models of light bulbs carry no warranty whatsoever.
      2. LED light bulbs carry NO warrantee due to power fluctuations and various power sources, generator, solar, grid and the switching between them.
      3. LED sealed fittings carry No warrantees for the above reasons.
      4. Power supplies and drivers carry no warranty due to unstable power/voltage fluctuations in Zimbabwe.
    2. General Solar Products
      1. Carry a 1-year warranty or OEM Warranty, whichever is the lesser.
      2. Battery or power supply are not warrantied due to variables such as:
        1. Charge rate,
        2. Exposure to sun,
        3. Brightness settings,
        4. Dormant time.
      3. Commercial Solar Products
        1. Hybrid Inverters
          1. Period: 1 Year
          2. Limited by:
            1. Manufacture Defect
            2. Acceptable Voltage Stabilizer
            3. Electrical installation Standard
        2. Victron Products
          1. Period: 5 Year
          2. Installed by certified Victron installer
        3. Fronius Products
          1. Period: 5 Year
          2. Installed by certified Fronius installer
        4. Flooded Batteries
          1. Period: 1 Year
          2. Limited by:
            1. Manufacture Defect
            2. Correct Battery settings
            3. Battery usage/number of cycles
        5. Lithium Batteries
          1. Period: OEM Warranty
          2. Electrical & Installation Standard Adherence
        6. Solar Products
          1. Period: 10 Years
          2. Electrical & Installation Standard Adherence
      4. Decorative Lighting
        1. All decorative lighting carries a 1-years warranty if,
          1. Products have been fitting by a reputable electrician,
          2. Products have been fitted in the right application.
  5. Repairs and Replacement Parts
    1. Should a product fail, Prime World will examine the product at the Msasa branch.
    2. Examinations shall be carried out within a period of 72 hours.
    3. If the product is faulty and falls within the warranty period, Prime World shall replace the parts at no cost.
      1. However, should the fault be due to incorrect installation or due to a power surge, the warranty shall be null, and void and the repairs or replacement parts shall be charged for.
    4. If the product is faulty and fails outside of the warranty period, the repairs and replacement parts shall be charged for.
    5. All repairs and or replacement parts shall be quoted for before the repairs and replacements are carried out.
    6. Repaired products shall only be released once full payment has been made.
    7. Any products left for repairs and not collected within 60 days shall be sold to defray expenses.

Prime World’s warranty only extends to the primary buyer of the product. This warranty applies only to the use of the products as intended by Prime World and does not cover any misapplication or misuse of said products. This warranty excludes ballasts and lamps, and buyer agrees to make all claims regarding defects or deficiencies according to the OEM warranty of the supplier thereof as its sole source of recourse or compensation.

In the event of a claim, Prime World has the right to view the site of the application and our Solar / Electrical Manager will confirm the cause of the issue at hand at the expense of the customer.

Management’s decision is final.

Prime World T&C’s 2021v2